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For more than 70 years and for three generations, the Gunther family has collected fossils and minerals. We have generated a collection of rock, fossil, and mineral collecting tools, supplies, equipment, and other expertise that we have gained through over 140 years of cumulative experience. During the years we have consistently been challenged with the task of finding the right fossil collecting tools for the right fossil collecting job in the right place. Almost all of our associates have expressed the same frustration. We have even resorted to making our own quality tools when we can't find what we need. After years of struggling to find the best tools at the best prices we finally gave in and decided that the only way to do this was to start our own business. In a very real sense this has been 70 years in the making. We believe that our hammers, chisels, bars, packs, hand lenses, books, and other equipment are the best items for the best prices. Please take a look at our products, collecting trips, and our collecting tips. We are confident that you will find something of interest. Please let us know what you think by contacting us personally.