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Lloyd F. Gunther, born in Lehi, Utah in 1917, began fossil and mineral collecting at age 12. He majored in Forestry and minored in Geology. During his lifetime, he and his family have amassed a world-class collection. He has traded specimens with persons all over the world. Val G. Gunther (the son), born in Beaverdam, Wisconsin in 1950, began fossil and mineral collecting at age 6. He majored in Geology. V. Glade Gunther (the grandson), born in Brigham City, Utah in 1974, began fossil collecting at age 5. He majored in Business and minored in Geology. Over their lifetimes they have donated thousands of specimens to schools, museums, and institutions. In 2001 they donated the balance of their collection, more than 130,000 specimens to a new museum being built in Utah.

They have become world famous for their collection and have written a number of books, magazine articles and technical papers. They have discovered countless numbers of new species and have been honored to have more than a dozen named after them. They are best known for their middle Cambrian collection from Utah. They love trilobites. Other strengths of their collection include ammonites, echinoderms, plant fossils, and a sprinkling of everything else. They also have over 40,000 mineral specimens, nearly 350 species.

The Gunthers